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Searching for accomodation in Rome for holidays, study or business reason? finding a long term rental or a short term rental in Rome is not a problem anymore.

You did choose the right address as our agency is helping to find short lets in Rome since 15 years.Our assistance to short lets rent means that we are on charge since arrival till depart. Helping at the airport if needed, giving assistance at the check in at the apartment, showing all the wares in the house. We are giving our assistance through your sejourn for every need or inconvenient you might find in the apartment. We will be present at depart checking the utilities and providing a car to the airport if needed.

Therefore we can help you finding short lets in the historical center of Rome with different kind of prices and locations. We can suggest a silent apartment in a residential Parioli area, or a very noisy studio in the Campo Dei Fiori area .We can provide a long term rent as well as a short accomodation in Rome . Our firm can give assistance to find an apartment in Rome that makes you feeling home in Rome and can suggest how people live in Rome.

Rental in Rome is not a problem with our assistance in finding accomodations in different areas of town: from Trastevere to Spanish steps and Campo dei Fiori. Our Rome apartments can satisfy every kind of need: for a single sejourn as well as for a group of friends or a large family. If arriving for holidays in Rome to enjoy the happy atmosphere of the town in the historical center of Rome, or coming for business reasons in Rome in need of a quiet rental in Rome.

Our prices range is as wide as our flats offer. The prices are not high compared to other apartments to rent in Rome .We usually do not let in Rome for less than one week minimum but some of our flats in Rome give the possibility to a shorter period, also 4 days, like the bed and breakfast in Rome organizations do. You can have a look at some examples below that can give an idea of different kind of flats in Rome that we rent: from tiny studios to very large and luxury ones, completely furnished and provided of everything you might need while you are guest in Rome. While you try how life is in Rome and you try to feel home in Rome we provide assistance for any inconvenient you might find during your sejourn in Rome. We give full assistance from the check in at arrival till check out at depart to help making short lets with us and live in Rome a joy and not a problem.

Our specific is rental in Rome but as you can see we can provide rentals in different areas of Italy.

Accommodation in Rome

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